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Having done a lap of Aus myself, I know first hand just how vast Australia is and how easy it is to miss hidden gems. This ebook definitely brings ease and perspective to a Aussie road trip and ensures you discover every nook and cranny of a spot. Everyone's guilty of an Instagram stalk in the office on a Monday dreaming of getting out and exploring, Travel Tracks Aus ebook is the best way to kickstart your day dream and get out on the road. The simple layout and realistic trips is perfect for seasoned travellers or first timers. Each trip has ideal stops along the way, embodying what a road trip is about, the journey and not just the destination. I will definitely be using this ebook throughout our second lap. 

Sarah Byden, on Instagram @sarahbyden

To travel when in Australia is fundamental. All beautiful places, sunny beaches, and not to mention- hidden gems are something each and every person should be able to experience when visiting Australia. I am an exchange student myself, travelling down under without a single clue about where to visit and how to get there. Travel Tracks Aus ebook simplifies the planning, routes and the travelling itself. (especially when you have no idea where to start). Are you going on a day-trip or maybe even a road trip? The ebook provides trips for each and every person. With alternative routes, places to see and how to get there, this book is both easy and handy for navigating around in the big country of Australia. Definitely going to use it throughout my Aussie adventure.

Dani Orlando, on Instagram @daniorlando

If you have plans to hit the road or currently travelling but feeling puzzled with where to explore next, this ebook is your missing puzzle piece! It sums up all the great places to see along the way without being over complicated. We're making our way around this rugged coastline and with this ebook in our back pocket we know we won’t be missing any of the good spots.

Netty & Bryce, on Instagram @_roamingaus_